The most important work we do... the continuous communication with our clients, whether tenaciously negotiating the best deal on a property purchase, sympathetically and meticulously reading the finer details of a will or simply giving careful guidance on a multitude of legal topics. Whatever your circumstance, our team is full of real people.

We can give qualified and trustworthy advice but will also relate as fellow humans.

And yes, it’s true; our clients’ successes really excite us. We like to believe we’re honest, reliable and always interested; everything a solicitor and estate agent should be.

We specialise in these areas: residential property sales and purchases, estate agency, residential leasing, re-mortgages, transfer of titles, executory transactions, wills and power of attorney and matrimonial conveyancing. We’re also a notary public.

Let’s talk property.

Buying and selling property tops polls as one of life’s biggest stressors.
That’s why we put our heart and soul into every sale and purchase.

We know there’s a human side to brick and mortar. So, our passion isn’t just for property. It’s also for people. We’ll tailor our services to suit your requirements. We’ll always answer your calls and e-mails. We’ll ensure you have complete peace of mind during the process.

Ten estate agency facts:

1. Our free no-obligation quotes are provided quickly and accurately.

2. Informal pre-sale valuations are not a problem.

3. Need financial advice? We’ve got a friendly independent financial advisor on-site.

4. We’ll trust only the best local surveyors with the Home Report.

5. Our eye-catching professional photography will capture your client’s home in the best light…

6. …and our creative copywriters will bring the property to life.

7. Our extensive marketing tools, from our bold red For Sale boards to our elegant schedules to our prime high street windows, will make your property stand out from the crowd.

8. Speed is a priority: all e-mails and phone messages will have a prompt response.

9. Holding viewings going to be a problem? We’ve got a professional viewing consultant on hand.

10. We’ll give detailed viewer feedback too, if you wish.

Let’s talk wills and executries.

There’s two sides to this service: the preparation (one of the most important things you’ll ever write is a will yet around half of the UK population don’t have one) and the execution (at difficult times, our sensitive and professional team can take the legal side of bereavement off your shoulders). Have peace of mind knowing your estate will pass to the right people and know there’ll be no added difficulties for your loved ones during an already tough time.

Let’s talk property services.

Here’s what we can help you with and exactly what it means:

Paying off your mortgage and switching to a more economical option.

Transfer of title
The legal way of passing ownership of a property from one person to another in situations such as matrimonial break-ups, a gift or a new relationship.

Capital release
Take advantage of your big investment and free up some equity for that splurge you’ve always dreamed of.

Mortgage discharge
If you’re lucky enough to be able to pay off your mortgage, you’ll need a solicitor to carry out the discharge of the standard security registered in the Land Register of Scotland.

Right To Buy scheme
If you’re a tenant of the council or some housing associations you have the legal right to buy your home at a large discount. More than 2million homes have been sold this way since the 1980s.

Commercial property
From time to time, we deal with the sale and purchase of offices, factories, estates, farms, forestry, retail, catering and more.

Let’s talk power of attorneys.

A power of attorney ranges from a simple business provision so that someone can sign for you while you’re working offshore or overseas to a full continuing and/or welfare power for such a time as you may no longer have the capacity to look after your own financial or medical affairs. We’re registered for EPOAR (Electronic Power of Attorney Registration) ensuring a speedy completion of the process.

Let’s talk matrimonial conveyancing.

We’re here for confidential, sensitive and practical advice during times of separation, divorce, matrimonial agreements and pre-nuptiual agreements. Trust us. We’re honest yet discreet and our understanding comes in abundance.

Let’s talk notarising.

We are certified as public notaries to sign certain documents for people e.g. certify passports for bank applications.

Have you heard our Cinderella story?

Margaret quickly learned, all thanks to Cinderella and Prince Charming, that growth by referrals from current clients was hugely important to making the business a success…

One of her first clients was a young girl – we’ll call her Cinderella – who came about a matrimonial agreement and TLP acted for her in the separation agreement and transfer of title of the former matrimonial home… and the purchase of her new single girl home as well as a will. Cinders’ aunt helped out and she, in turn, instructed us to prepare an agreement to protect her funds.

Sadly Cinderella’s great uncle passed away. TLP sensitively handled the estate through Cinders’ granddad… who then wanted to ensure his affairs were in order and asked us to prepare a will and power of attorney.

Life went on and Prince Charming wandered into Cinderella’s life. You guessed it – they planned to marry! And, of course, wanted a new home for themselves. TLP carried out the estate agency for the sale of Prince C’s current house and the purchase of the lovely new joint home.

Charming’s dad was not in the best of health, unfortunately, and the loved up couple wanted him to come to stay. As a result, TLP sold Senior Charming’s existing flat and, on top of that, prepared a new will for him.

Cinderella’s aunt had some more fortunate news, bagging a new partner and hoping to set up home together. Another successful house sale! And a purchase of a modern city flat for him to invest funds in… topped off with the purchase of a car parking space to enhance the investment. This fruitful avenue continued – a purchase in Glasgow for one of his children and a referral for his other son and fiancé to use TLP for their new build purchase. The young couple also required affidavits for their marriage in Cyprus – again, we assisted due to being notaries public.

The family keeps in touch: we were delighted to hear Charming and Cinders had a son, brother for their wee girl. We also heard the Prince had an exciting opportunity to travel with work – and wanted to take his family with him. This didn’t please Cinders’ former husband and TLP handled the negotiations with his solicitor. A series of positive meetings reached an agreement that worked for both sides.

But before this could move forward, Charming’s dad sadly passed away. We supported with the executry work.

The story continues. Cinderella’s aunt and her partner wanted to transfer the title of her home into joint names. TLP finalised the administration and registration. And, you may recall the aunt’s partner’s son and fiancé… just a couple of months ago they were in touch, keen to sell their flat and buy a family home. This was completed just last week!

“This was our first property purchase and we wanted a company we knew we could trust. The Law Practice made the process of buying our first house as simple and pain free as it could be. We can’t thank them enough! I really appreciate the time taken to explain everything in detail so we knew what the processes were, especially as we’d never been through it before.”


Stephanie Clark

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for your invaluable help with the drafting of our wills. First of all, you were very flexible with regard to the timing of our meeting and talking us through the whole process, outlining options we hadn’t considered and ensuring all eventualities had been covered. You answered all our questions fully, both at the meeting and by e-mail afterwards (no matter how trivial!) You were approachable and extremely adept and expressing complex legal issues in simple layman’s terms. We found your advice to be thoughtful, thorough and practical.”


Diana Johnson